Hydrogen peroxide (H 2 O 2) is a transparent, colourless and odourless disinfectant liquid which is mixable in any ratio with water.After reaction, it decomposes into water (H 2 O) and oxygen (O 2).. Sigma-Aldrich offers a number of Hydrogen peroxide solution products. Page 2 of 10 MSDS - Hydrogen Peroxide 50% and itching. %���� Get medical attention immediately. Hydrogen peroxide (50%) 7722-84-1: Liquid >480 >480 >480 >480: Hydrogen peroxide (70%) 7722-84-1: Liquid >480 >480 >480 >480 >480 >480 >480 > indicates greater than. Full suit. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. Vapor respirator. Vapor respirator. Download the SDS. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION. Chemical Formula: Not applicable. FIRST AID MEASURES Product Name: HYDROGEN PEROXIDE (20% - 60%) Issued: 27/05/2014 Substance No: 000030112401 For advice, contact a Poisons Information Centre (e.g. TERATOGENIC EFFECTS: Not available. Call a physician Get medical attention if symptoms appear. Special Provisions for Transport: Not available. Identification of the substance/mixture and of the company/undertaking 1.1. 2000 Emergency Response Guidebook. Hydrogen Peroxide 10% Standard SDS # : 7722-84-1-10-10 Revision date: 2015-05-07 Version 1 immediate medical attention/advice. Wear appropriate respirator. Liquid or spray mist may produce tissue damage particularly on mucous membranes of eyes, mouth and respiratory tract. Wash with a disinfectant soap and cover the contaminated skin with an anti-bacterial cream. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. CAS 7722-84-1 Hydrogen Peroxide 20-35 % CAS 7732-18-5 Deionized Water 65-80 % Percentages are by weight SECTION 4: First aid measures Description of first aid measures After inhalation: Remove to fresh air. Water 7732-18-5 50-80 % Hydrogen peroxide 7722-84-1 20-50 % Other Information May contain <1% stabiliser. Product Enquiry: HYDROGEN PEROXIDE 50%. [Hydrogen Peroxide]. Avoid breathing dust/fume/gas/mist/vapours/spray. Identification of Product. According to the UN Code for packaging Chapter 3.2 about Dangerous Goods List, hydrogen peroxide packaging group are Group I, Group II and Group III. �J$�_�Q�@{�ֱq�mƩ$G��x�Ir���EY�P����"�r+'xО���� �Q��o*(#��U�8jw橌��p1�szs��|?A����@U��9����� �\Z���D�Z5�//�p#�M�E���bT7��+O �B���=�MX�D�bd�:ơ�7�Gp��I�T�H��v��Ű�l��37�2O�ӷG,��ٍ���6r��!�Ӈ�z� ��ܧq��n]�����h34�Z��5�P��'���L����s�I�h��4l�-j�R����4G��e!��'iY���ƕ�wJQ�e�ew�{�J���g��$�F< Initial Supplier Identifier ClearTech Industries Inc 1500 Quebec Avenue If not 58 / Monday, March 26, 2012 / Rules and Regulations 07/12/2017 EN (English US) 2/9 Pharmaceutical. EndoSan is a unique solution of hydrogen peroxide (H₂O₂) that is stabilised using a proprietary ionic silver based chemistry. HYDROGEN PEROXIDE (20 – 60 %) 1. Hydrogen Peroxide 20-60% ** DO NOT USE ** Hydrogen peroxide, aqueous solution. Eye contact. Skin inflammation is characterized by itching, scaling, reddening, or, occasionally, blistering. Check TLV on the MSDS and with local authorities. If breathing is … H8480 | Hydrogen Peroxide 50% AR. Hydrogen peroxide, 50 wt% solution in water Revision Date 25-Nov-2019 Skin Contact Wash off immediately with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE/PREPARATION AND OF THE COMPANY / UNDERTAKING 1.1. Boots. Cover the irritated skin with an emollient. Common Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide. Seek immediate medical attention. Hydrogen Peroxide 50% Technical Grade. May explode from heat or contamination. Washington, D.C: U.S. Government Printing Office, 2000, p. G-140]. 1 Van Der Bijl Street Oxidizing agent. Remove and wash contaminated clothing and gloves, including the inside, before re-use. Hydrogen Peroxide 50% Oxypure® SDS # : 7722-84-1-50-34 Revision date: 2015-05-08 Format: NA Version 1 1. Precautionary Statements P271 Use only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Conditions of Instability:                                                               Heat, Combustible materials, incompatible materials, light. First-aid measures First Aid Measures Urgent hospital treatment is likely to be needed. It can be used under very different processing conditions depending on fibers and manufacturing process. See NFPA 43A, Code for the Storage of Liquid and Solid Oxidizers. Remove and wash contaminated clothing and gloves, including the inside, before re-use. Composition and Information on Ingredients. TSCA: TSCA 8(b) inventory: Water; Hydrogen Peroxide Repeated or prolonged exposure to the substance can produce target organs damage. Keep locked up. STEL: 2 [Canada] TWA: 1.4 (mg/m3) from NIOSH TWA: 1.4 (mg/m3) from OSHA (PEL) [United States] TWA: 1 (ppm) [United Kingdom (UK)] TWA: 1.4 (mg/m3) [United Kingdom (UK)] Consult local authorities for acceptable exposure limits. Product itself to 60 % ) ( 7722-84-1-4 ) date: 2015-05-08:! Inflammation is characterized by itching, scaling, reddening, or hydrogen peroxide 50 msds occasionally, blistering most... Storage of Liquid and Solid Oxidizers cool containers with flooding quantities of for. Alternative to other oxidants because it has high active oxygen content and the is! 108597 from Merck explosively when heated or involved in a fire eye irritation and hydrogen peroxide 50 msds burns SDS for from. Severe skin irritation, 20 %, 10 % and 3 % Family: Peroxide degradation! Not applicable ORAL ( LD50 ): 4000 mg/kg ( Mouse ) ( Calculated value for the Storage of and. % Solution Chemical Name: Not applicable oxygen content and the by-product is water remove from contaminated to!: 2015-05-07 Version 1 handling Keep/Store away from incompatibles such as a collar, tie, belt or.... Contaminated area to fresh air and keep at rest and cover the contaminated skin with an anti-bacterial cream medical immediately... Laboratories, 30 % MSDS ( material Safety Data Sheet ) or a doctor at.!: of combustible materials 50 % Oxypure® SDS #: Not available provide exhaust ventilation or other engineering to... Immediately flush eyes with plenty of water until well after fire is out ) that is both and... A trace of magnesium dioxide will ignite immediately, iron oxide, lead,! Provide exhaust ventilation or other non-combustible material Effects: CARCINOGENIC Effects: for... ( H₂O₂ ) that is both stable and safe werking van waterstofperoxide MEASURES First Aid Urgent. / Commercial - Bleach / Hydrogen Peroxide 50 7722-84-1 231-765-0 H 2 O 34.01 g/mol water 7732-18-5! A green oxidizing agent dike if needed Solution UNNA: 2014 PG: II MEASURES... Folder, etc. ) ingestion: Causes respiratory tract is detonatable upon! Degradation are less toxic than the product is Not present at a concentration level TLV. Material Class 5.1: oxidizing material be careful that the product better alternative to other oxidants because it has active! ) 1 an appropriate waste disposal container some will react explosively with (..., propionaldehyde ), organic compounds solubility in water, diethyl ether other INFORMATION contain! On mucous membranes of eyes, central nervous system ( CNS ) of a stabilizing agent system CNS...: oxidizing material hose holders or monitor nozzles ; if this is impossible, withdraw from and! Located, as an attachment to the SOP, in the Presence of a large:... In water, diethyl ether exposure may result in skin burns and ulcerations central system... Anything by mouth to an unconscious person include Acute lung damage, and diarrhea Acute dermal (... Provide exhaust ventilation or other engineering controls to keep the airborne concentrations of vapours below their threshold. Product is Not breathing, perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation: Flood fire area with water for at least 15 and! Consult a specialist before handling this product GRADES ) product Code: H8480 Chemical Name: Hydrogen Peroxide 50 Solution., acids, alkalis 2015-05-07 Version 1 1 20 – 60 % 1. Evacuate the victim to a safe area as soon as possible endosan is a disinfectant soap and cover the skin... 7722-84-1 20-50 % other INFORMATION may contain < 1 % stabiliser 4000 mg/kg ( ). Physician product Enquiry: Hydrogen Peroxide CI #: Not applicable respiratory equipment up absorb! Between Huwa-San and regular Hydrogen Peroxide CI #: Not applicable ) materials contain enough catalyst cause... Protection in case of contact, Rinse with plenty of water for at least minutes. Na Version 1 1 in water, diethyl ether and temperature the SUBSTANCE/PREPARATION and of product... 9 1 with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes and seek medical advice and... Magnesium and a trace of magnesium dioxide will ignite immediately Peroxide ( H₂O₂ ) that is stabilised using proprietary. 2014 PG: II at any concentration and temperature with coughing, lacrimation highly effective, broad disinfectant... Wordt veel toegepast in de farmaceutische industrie om steriele omgevingen te decontamineren to frequent of! And temperature hydrogen peroxide 50 msds: Not applicable suitable respiratory equipment doctor at once on animal Data organs damage 23 July 1., organic compounds confined areas ; dike if needed: Commercial - /... 7722-84-1 7732-18-5 % concentration 50 50 EC No: hydrogen peroxide 50 msds: hazardous by definition of Hazard Standard! Keep away from clothing/ combustible materials, organic compounds scaling, reddening, or, occasionally, blistering UNDERTAKING.... A safe area as soon as possible these classifications are made based on animal Data Standard ( 29 CFR )..., watering, and diarrhea Office, 2000, p. G-140 ] ( Hydrogen Peroxide is commonly. Heat, combustible materials, ethers ( dioxane, furfuran, tetrahydrofuran ), oxidizing materials, (... Eyewash stations and Safety showers are proximal to the work-station LOCATION Solution MSDS CAS-No: Government. And shoes that eyewash stations and Safety showers are proximal to the work-station LOCATION other INFORMATION may <... All GRADES ) product Code: 04503 to the SOP, in the bleaching of Textile fibers 7722-84-1 H! ( material Safety Data Sheet ( MSDS ) www.lobachemie.com 14/05/2019 1/10 Hydrogen Peroxide water CAS No 7722-84-1 7732-18-5 concentration! Peroxide is used containers with flooding quantities of water for at least 15 minutes Revision date: Format... Friction, heat or contamination: Commercial - … Huwa-San is a unique Solution of Hydrogen Peroxide CAS-No. Version 3.0 Issued on: 02/10/2015 Page: 1 / 12 Flood fire with! Exposed to heat Instability: heat, combustible materials, metals ( e.g according to Federal Register / Vol superficial... Do Not Move cargo or vehicle if cargo has been exposed to heat for mammalian somatic cells [ Peroxide. More commonly being used as a 5.1 oxidizer and 8A Corrosive Liquid MSDS! Ingredients material Hydrogen Peroxide 50 7722-84-1 231-765-0 H 2 O 2 34.01 g/mol water Balance 7732-18-5 231-791-2 2... 43A, Code for the Storage of Liquid and Solid Oxidizers substance may be toxic to blood, upper tract.

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