The 25 Greatest Happy Meal Toys Of The ’80s. Growing up, there was no better treat than a cheeky trip to McDonald's. I ended up with about 5 watches, a claw arm, and nothing else. The monkey was obviously the best, followed closely by the elephant. These weren't just any toy cars. Life is all about surprises, and when you were a kid, the best surprises you could look forward to were the toys you'd get in a Happy Meal. Read more now. McDonald's Transformers. Jan 12, 2017 - Explore Brooke Schexnyder's board "Mcdonalds Happy Meal Toys" on Pinterest. Best McDonald's Toys. 1. McDonald's Happy Meal Toys is back with a roar. Here’s why Happy Meal toys are safe: All Happy Meal toys are made exclusively for McDonald’s by McDonald’s own safety-approved suppliers. And as well as a tasty burger and chips, one of the best bits of course was getting a new toy in that exciting Happy Meal box. Happy Meal toys used to be where it was at. Published on March 23, 2011. ... Piggy, and Fozzie that all came with festively colored adornments. Kids today get a bit of a raw deal, with items like children's books and VR Happy Goggles replacing the typical figurines, so we're taking a moment to pay homage to the best McDonald's Happy Meal toys of all time. There are 4 different designs from each set to choose. Here are the 50 coolest Happy Meal toys of all time. Great deals on Rare Mcdonalds Happy Meal Toys. 10. The 26 Most Awesome Happy Meal Toys Of The '90s. Healthier Happy Meals? Best of Happy Meal - 5 New Happy Meal Toys Commercials Latest 2017 Back then, kids were satisfied by fun puzzles and games. Beginning Nov. 17, McDonalds Happy Meal toys featuring Mickey Mouse and friends are available at some locations. The sneakiest dinosaurs ever. ... customers' physicians may be best positioned to make recommendations for customers with food allergies and special dietary needs. Dec 25, 2019 - Explore Kathy Caldwell's board "KAC HAPPY MEAL TOYS", followed by 395 people on Pinterest. McDonald’s is teaming up with Disney for some magical Happy Meal toys! Our New Cookie Tins Are The Sweetest Gift. But many of the plastic toys ended up in the trash (or the garage) shortly after they came home. While Gobo might have been the most prized toy, it certainly wasn't the best. They’re not “off-the-shelf” toys made by anyone else. However, once McDonald’s started partnering up with films in the late 1980s, they slowly started taking their toys to the next level. 3. So on with it... what was the best / your favorite Happy Meal toy? 2 Holiday Cocktails To Put Some Cheer In Your Season There are 10 toys in the collection inspired by Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway ride at the theme park. With 12 books in the collection, you’ll explore distant lands and learn about different creatures across the globe from the past … I thought it would be fun (since this community is multi-generational) to see what your favorite Happy Meal toys were (or are). McDonald’s Changeables Happy Meal Toys Series 2 (1989) This time they rereleased two of the original toys where the robot part was in different colours and also added character names to each toy. The 15 Best Happy Meal Toys From The 80s. My Grandma would just show up at our house with a full set, no repeats. July 27, 2011 00:32 A list of McDonald's Happy Meal toy promotions from 1979 to the present day in the USA. In the absence of a mild cleaner use soap and water to clean the toys. Inspector Gadget. 1 1979 2 1980 3 1981 4 1982 5 1983 6 1984 7 1985 8 1986 9 1987 10 1988 11 1989 12 1990 13 1991 14 1992 15 1993 16 1994 17 1995 18 1996 19 1997 20 1998 21 1999 22 … Happy Meal toys weren’t always as glamorous as they are today. New Happy Meal Leak for January 2021 According to a worker, we are getting Hasbro Toys on January 12, 2021. For the month of October and November, McDonald will be giving a Jurassic World or Piki Pops toys for every Happy Meal Purchase. The original series is still regarded as the best, and it even led to a feature length movie being released in 1995, and McDonald's helped to promote the movie by offering Rangers in their Happy Meals. 1. RELATED: Green Label - The 10 Most Iconic Toys of All Time Sign up for the Complex Newsletter for breaking news, events, and unique stories. The McDonald's Happy Meal introduced many people to the concept of getting a free toy with a fast-food kid's meal. McDino Changeables. McDonald's is offering a new Happy Meal toy line that's inspired by Disney World's Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway ride. By Becky Lang. I don’t think I ever even got these as part of a meal. Tiny Toons Flip Cars. Oh no, they were shaped like the beloved menu items or even the restaurant itself, each with golden arches stickers to put on yourself. The Happy Meal Walt Disney World toys are cute. They’re not outright banning them, like they did in Santa Clara County, because kids like toys, and it’s a keystone in McDonald’s marketing. In most cases, they aren't much more than pieces of plastic, but have you ever wondered if those vintage Happy Meal toys are worth anything today? Early this week, Disney fans and McDonald's customers began to speculate that the toys — which have figurines of classic characters inside miniature ride vehicles — had been recalled after unsuccessfully attempting to purchase them at restaurants. Less than one week after being released, the Disney World line of McDonald's Happy Meal toys has been temporarily removed from restaurants. Clean any Happy Meal toys that have been removed from the original packaging. Shop with confidence on eBay! The best way to do this is with a mild cleaner and a soft cloth. As if eating delicious McNuggets weren't a big enough treat on their own, the icing on the cake (or the sweet and sour sauce on the McNugget) was the toy … The McDonald's Happy Meal® is a great, easy meal for kids -- including a Hamburger, ... and a Happy Meal toy! YouTube. Ten Best McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys EVER. Furby toys, which were included in Happy Meals in 2000, have been listed for up to $900, but products not in mint condition sold for about $75. 2. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Top 10 Best Happy Meal Toys San Francisco, is limiting the release of toys in kid’s happy meals at McDonald’s to help discourage kids from eating the stuff. Develop a deeper love for reading as a family and bond over the fun of story time when you choose from a book or toy in every Happy Meal ®. By Jon | Nov 02, 2017. ... Just when you were standing on the edge of being too old for bath toys, Happy Meals let you stay a little longer. Cheeseburgers and milkshakes came and went, but Happy Meal toys remained, and every kid remembers flipping out about finding a particularly awesome plaything in their box. 6. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at We want you to feel confident about our Happy Meal toys. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for McDonalds Happy Meal Toys. (All the bonus life points if you still have any of these and can post pics.) We have been rigorously testing and re-testing our Happy Meal toys for decades. facebook Toggle navigation ... google plus; As we all know, half of the reason we ever wanted to go to McDonald's as kids was to see what new toys they had in their Happy Meals! Again it features a toy in a Polystyrene box, but the rest still look pretty similar to their contemporary menu items. I remember someone came here with a leak for Hasbro toys earlier this year, and that didn't come to pass, so I wrote it off as a fake. We put together a list of the best Happy Meal toys from the 90s and it hit us with a giant wave of nostalgia. Happy Meal cars. Technically, any toy that came with food was pretty great. See more ideas about Happy meal toys, Happy meal, Happy meal mcdonalds. Happy Meal Toys have kind of become niche in today's market, but in the '80s and '90s, they were big business; so big that they changed the history of cinema when backlash over Happy Meal toys led to Tim Burton not returning for Batman Forever.In 1989, McDonald's dipped their toes into the Nintendo market with a series of incredible Super Mario Bros. 3 related toys. 1. Sales of McDonald's latest line of Disney Attraction Themed Happy Meals Toys are being halted due to an issue with QR code for the latest sweepstakes to See more ideas about Happy meal toys, Happy meal, Toys.

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